Join us for the 2019 Progressive Strategy Summit!

The Progressive Strategy Summit is a cornerstone event for the progressive movement. The Summit brings together members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, state and local elected leaders, grassroots organizers, activists, strategists, researchers, policy wonks and artists from every corner of the progressive movement to connect, reflect and plan.

Each year, attendees gather in Washington, D.C. to learn from the past year, unveil cutting-edge policy ideas that put power in everyday people’s hands, and build stronger relationships across the movement. Together, we dive deep into the policies, campaigns and practices that build racial, economic and gender justice.

From progressive champions to emerging leaders, we hear from the elected officials, organizers and leaders who are at the forefront of our movement. We lift up the stories that drive us, the victories that sustain us and the lessons that help shape our next steps. Beyond inspiring plenaries, this is a working summit where break-out sessions lay the groundwork for campaigns on critical progressive priorities.

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